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  • $1.5 million settlement against a car manufacturer in single car rollover causing death, premised on vehicle instability and lack of crashworthiness.
  • $600,000 Settlement against a car manufacturer and paid to 13-year-old girl blinded in one eye from airbag that deployed in a parking lot accident.
  • $416,000 Settlement on van Dam case, paid by Westerfield's auto and homeowner insurance companies to the van Dam family.
  • $500,000 Settlement for Celeste Bluehawk against Golden Acorn Casino, for slip and fall back injuries. The Indian Tribe claimed "sovereign immunity" and denied the claim for years, until we defeated their California Supreme Court appeal where they were trying to to avoid liability and payment.
  • $350,000 settlement paid by a Jaguar dealership to a women injured in a new high performance Jaguar that was totaled in an accident while being test driven by her fiance, premised on the Jaguar (back seat) employee failing to warn the driver of an upcoming dangerous turn.
  • $300,000 settlement to family of boy who died after being served contaminated chicken at South Bay public school.
  • $300,000 Settlement to a slip and fall client, After tripping on wire protruding from a neighbor's home, onto the sidewalk. The client fractured her shoulder.
  • $275,000 settlement to family of murder victim Marshannae Johnson in case against the apartment complex, which provided inadequate security to keep out gang members who committed the murder.
  • $146,000 Jury Verdict to client who slipped and fell on her front lawn, fracturing her ankle. The defendant was her landlord and was sued for his failure to maintain an even front lawn.
  • $60,000 Settlement to Dog bite victim, after a dog bit our client in the hand as he was helping dog owner lift an item onto his truck.
  • $60,000 settlement for slip and fall on a city street against a business that failed to secure a dangling wire.